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Technical Description
Human body cooling:
Large industrial fan produces natural breeze in human body, promote sweat evaporate and take away heat, the body temperature, bring cool feeling. Usually, this kind of cool feeling can achieve 5-8. The three-dimensional nature of large industrial fan blowing more to human comfort. On the one hand, the body of a full range of three-dimensional blowing, let the body to reach the maximum evaporation area. Another reason is the human in nature accumulated intimate experience of the natural wind, once there is a natural breeze blowing wind speed change, human will feel very cool and comfortable.
Air circulation:
In the previous ventilation scheme, we often according to the space of the air exchange, to decide what kind of product and quantity. This is in a small space, the effect is very obvious, you can even see the bathroom with the negative pressure of the steam turbine operation quickly discharged to the outside. But the tall, broad in enclosed space, the ventilating fan effect is not obvious: such as relatively large dust, moisture, carbon dioxide, poor quality of the air is concentrated at the bottom of the building, roof suction fan on the air in every corner of the not to obvious effect and the personnel and the equipment just in there. Large industrial fan will promote the whole space air mixing, can make with the smell of smoke, moisture, mildew and get good dispersion, so as to improve the indoor air quality, to achieve healthy dry and safe working environment.
Dust removal and cooling:
If the building ventilation cooling conditions are poor, may cause product quality is reduced, and may cause a lot of loss and waste! In addition, some materials once affected with damp deformation, will become the object of customer first complaint. Prevent air condensation, reduction of bacteria and mildew, large industrial fan significantly strengthened air flow so as to control the air in the ground or the metal surface condensation, can make your work environment has become more clean, dry, comfortable and safe.
High efficiency and energy saving:
Summer, big fan with the use of air conditioning, the indoor air effectively and uniformly mixed, can be properly shut down part of the air-conditioning unit or raise the air temperature settings. It not only decreases the cost of the running of air conditioner, and bring comfortable natural wind feelings.
Spring and autumn season, the temperature is usually between 20~28 degrees, for shopping malls supermarkets, railway stations and other large occasions, taking into account the cost savings factors, whether to open air conditioning is a dilemma choice. But the use of the ceiling fan, no need to open the high energy consumption of air conditioning, immediately can bring similar to natural wind comfort ventilation cooling effect.
In winter, due to the warm air in the roof, while the cold air at the bottom, the need to increase the load of air conditioning, in order to make the bottom of the active space temperature. With large fan to use, can make the roof of warm air and bottom air mixed rapidly, improve air conditioning efficiency. With the elimination of the stratification of cold air moves, can save about 20% of the energy consumption for air conditioning!
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