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Wenzhou Shuhan ventilation equipment Co. Ltd.
Wenzhou Shu Han ventilation equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to research and development production of low cost, low energy consumption, efficient ventilation equipment - super large energy-saving industrial fans.
The company set research and development, design, production, sales in one. R & D and production of large industrial fans with energy saving, large air flow, no pollution, safe and reliable operation, easy installation and long service life and so on. After research and development, our company has a diameter of 7.6 meters of products with a diameter of 8 meters on the market to reach a consistent product coverage, and faster speed, so that customers can intuitively feel the product of large wind. My company's products are widely used in industrial plants, automobile manufacturing, home appliances manufacturing, warehousing and logistics industries, to solve the large plant temperature, heat, ventilation is not smooth and other common problems. Products sold throughout the country and exported to overseas, for many years to high-quality products, affordable prices, good after-sales service, by the vast number of customers trust and praise.
Companies to actively respond to the national "China made 2025" call, focus on creating high-quality Chinese made products. By "the prestige first, customer first" as its mission, and in close cooperation with customers, to create a new situation of "prosperity and win-win". Constantly open up innovation, technology as the core, depending on the quality of life, in order to serve the user as god.
In the future, we will continue to work hard, with a down-to-earth attitude, honest style for our customers to create high performance, ultra quiet high-quality large-scale industrial energy-saving fan.
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